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Mensagem por fallen123455 em Dom Dez 11, 2016 8:28 am

Hello, to make app complete this form

▲ General ▲

▲ Age:23
▲ Nationality:I am from Romania
▲ City:Baia Mare


▲In-Game Nickname:fallen
▲ How long have you been playing SAMP:since 2009
▲Previous Nicknames:i used only random names and fallen
▲ Previous Clan:RBK(when it name was Romania best killers),ET,To ,iQ,RBK and again To and also kws
▲Why leave your last clan:RBK i suspected them for cheats and they were anoying to much their applicants and me when i was speaking with my friends on teamspeak
ET i was inactive  cuz i wanted to get big marks at my exam and when i came back there were only 2 members without me and i couldnt contact them.
To good and frendly clan but they were anoying like RBK used to be and it was also my first year at medicine university.
iQ it was a good clan but i disliked it cuz they were to active and they didnt let me to play only a few and only a cw in that summer.
RBK-First time i was here RBK name was Romania Best Killers but în future they change their name and they invited me, i joined but their attitude didnt change.
To-I was at medicine university and i was inactive so they decide to kick me
kws-i left it because they were acting like retards and they never spoke on mumble
▲ Have you ever used cheats? If yes, what?:nah
▲Why do you want to join dMc? :Because i have friends here in clan and i also think i can fit here very good
▲ Do you have a profile on GTA: T? If yes, link it:nah i got banned on gtat for some reasons i can tell u them in pm
▲ You can record  TCW ?yes
▲ You can play with AC V2 ?yes
▲ You have channel in youtube ? Post-it
▲ You have any video to show your skills ?

▲ Contacts ▲

▲ Facebook:-
▲ Xfire:i use evolve falleN96
▲ Skype:fallen.samp1
▲Do you have Mumble?yes

▲ DM Skills ▲

▲ Weapon Set Favorite:m4-shotgun or deagle-shotgun
▲Deagle/Shotgun [0/10]:6
▲ Deagle/Mp5 [0/10]:never played with this set,anyway 6
▲ Deagle/Ak47 [0/10]:7
▲Deagle/Rifle [0/10]:5
▲ Spas/Silencer [0/10]:6
▲ Spas/Rifle [0/10]:6
▲ M4/Shotgun [0/10]:7
▲ Sniper/Shotgun [0/10]:4
▲ TEAMWORK[0/10]:7
▲ CBUG [0/10]:8
▲ 1v1[0/10]:5
I am not the most active person cuz i am student at medicine but i can spend most of my time with u in weekends


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Data de inscrição : 10/12/2016

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